• Herman Roderick Volz "The Argument" WPA & Modern Expressionist Artist

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    A WPA style lithograph titled "The Argument" by Herman Roderick Vols (1904-1990). Pencil signed and numbered 23 of 25. Folio measures 19"H 17"W. Image measures 15.25"H 11.25"W.  Circa. 1940's.

    WORKS HELD: National Gallery of Art. Crystal Bridges Museum of Art. Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco.

    EXHIBITS: 1937 Paris Salon. 1938-1940 SFAA. 1939 GGIE. 1942 solo Crocker Art Gallery


    A painter, muralist, lithographer, set designer and ceramist. Formal training at the Art und Gewerbescule in Zurich and the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna. Immigrated from Zurich to the U.S. in 1933, settling in the San Francisco Bay Area and became a citizen in 1938. During the Depression Volz was appointed supervisor in the Northern California Arts Project and supervisor for the Federal Building mural project at the G.G.I.E. Two of these large mosaic panels were later installed at the San Francisco City College among a panel created by Diego Rivera. Volz designed sets for MGM and Paramount Studios. He was politically active, vocal and often made social statements through his imagery.