The story of Janakos and Company began over 50 years ago. Back in the 60's, at age 6, I began collecting coins and stamps. I would go to the bank and trade roll after roll of pennies and seek out the "good" dates. Around the same time my family began spending summer's, visiting and fixing up, an abandoned family home located in a ghost town on the Sacramento Delta. We would find stuff just laying around, old bottles and curiosities. When someone told me I could sell these objects I couldn't believe my good fortune! Together, with 2 of my brothers, David and Mark (ages 7, 8 and 10), we took our found treasures and sold them at flea markets. I began searching for other sites, digging bottles and scrapping around for cool stuff, again, selling some of my finds at bottle shows and flea markets. Sorta like The American Pickers, but much younger, less money, no fame and without the van. By my early teens I had a garage cleaning business. Cleaning out garages and basements for $2.00 an hour and then sifting through the remnants, before they went to the dump, again, selling them at local flea markets. I hit the big time at age 15 when I began selling at the local antique trade shows with my brothers. I became a bonafide antiques dealer! After several years of trade shows, I sold the bulk of that childhood coin collection for a couple thousand dollars, using it to grub steak my first storefront. You could stretch your money a bit further in the 70's. This was the beginning of my professional career and the path that led me to a full time Mid-Century Modern and Antiques dealer.

 In April, 1978 I leased a 600 square foot retail space located in San Mateo, California. I was 20 years old. On opening day, with seven dollars left, I put it in my cash register; eager, optimistic and grateful for the opportunity to operate my own business. As I gained experience and the business grew, I moved to California Drive in Burlingame, opening in 1986.

 My 3 children, Cassi, Nick and Alex grew up in the store and helped with many of the tasks. For 5 years I managed the business with my son, Nick. We strive for customer service second to none. Our criteria for buying inventory is simple; find quality, validity and beauty and offer it to our customers at a fair price. Just as it was when I was 6 years old, now Nick and I share the love of finding treasures. Vintage Mid-Century Modern furniture, lighting, art, antiques and decorative objects.

In 2015 we relocated and set up headquarters in Fulton, California. Surrounded by nationally recognized wineries in heart of the Sonoma County Wine Country. In 2016 we opened our "Gallery Annex" located next door to our Warehouse. We now offer 4000sf of Warehouse & Gallery display space.

Our warehouse and Gallery are adjacent buildings  located at 1180 and 1200 River Rd. Fulton, Ca. 95439.

Open FRI. SAT. SUN. & MON. 10-4pm.

Thank you for reading and for the opportunity to earn your business. We hope you will visit our brick & mortars soon!

Kind regards, Craig, Maureen, Karl, Nick and our staff.