• JBL Ranger Metregon C45 Stereo Speaker


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    Exceptional and rare JBL C45 loudspeaker. Original working condition.

    Measures 25"D 73.5"W 30"H (Display Only)

    JBL Ranger Metregon C45:

    The JBL Metregon (1960) is the first speaker system to offer full-field stereo reproduction in an enclosure of moderate size. Two completely separate full-range speaker systems are housed in the Metregon. Sound from these two sets of speakers is integrated by the curved refractor panel, making use of the same acoustic principles as the JBL Ranger Paragon. The result is a full-dimensional sound stage six feet wide. There is no "hole in the middle", no "split soloist", to mar the illusion of a real performance.
    Like the Paragon, the JBL Metregon projects perfectly balanced stereophonic sound to every listener in the room, regardless of seating position. Like the Paragon, it also performs superbly as a monaural reproducing system.
    The JBL Metregon C45 is selected by the pasadena Art Museum for showing in tri-annual industrial design exhibition.
    SOURCE: Stereonomomo.