• Fred Hartsook Asian Theme Photograph

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    A 1920's hand colored photograph of a women with a parasol by Fred Hartsook. Mounted under glass in original frame. Measures 12ʺW × 0.75ʺD × 15ʺH. Excellent original condition.


    Fred Hartsook (1876-1930) was an American photographer based out of California.

    Fred Hartsook was born October 26, 1876 in Marion, Indiana. His father, two uncles, and grandfather were all successful photographers. He moved to Salt Lake City, Utah and on September 12, 1901 he married Florence Newcomb. In 1919, following a divorce, Hartsook married Bess Hesby. In 1906 he moved to California and soon opened studios in Santa Ana and Santa Barbara. He later closed both of those locations and opened a studio on 636 South Broadway in Los Angeles. Over time, Hartsook opened a large number of studios throughout California and his company has been described as the "largest photographic business in the world" (20 to 30 studios). He took photographs of many celebrities, entrepreneurs, singer, and politicians. He died September 30, 1930 from a heart attack in Burbank, California.