• Lev Meshberg Lobster Painting (SOLD)


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    (SOLD) Painting of a lobster by Lev Meshberg. Appears to have flaking at various edges.

    Measures  H 24 in. x W 36 in. x D 1.25 in.

    LEV MESHBERG (April 15, 1933 – July 17, 2007) was a Russian-American painter. Meshberg's paintings are autobiographical, filled with symbols and enigmas relating to his own existence. A figurative painter and colorist, his paintings are a combination of readily discernible objects and almost ethereal renderings of other objects with dream-like light and color. He worked still another dimension into his art, depth - a physical depth - achieved by build-up of pigments and other materials to add a sculptural dimension to his paintings. The subtlety of color and true originality of composition and uniqueness of his three-dimensional method of painting brought Meshberg world-wide attention. His works were widely exhibited and purchased by numerous museums and private collectors all over the world. SOURCE: Wikipedia