• Hedi Schoop Ceramic Figurine

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    A signed Hedi Schoop black and white oriental female figure with basket, circa 1950s. Measures H 11.5 in. x W 6.5 in. x D 3.25 in.

    Hedi Schoop:

    One of the designers at the forefront of this era of mid-century ceramic design was Hedi Schoop. Having fled Europe in 1933 with her composer husband ( Friedrich Hollander ), she resettled in California and in 1940 opened up a pottery studio in Hollywood, focusing on the popular figurines along with planters, ashtrays, lamps, bowls and vases. She had studied sculpture, architecture, painting, and fashion design at several European art institutions including Kunstgewerbeschule in Vienna and Reimann Institute in Berlin. Her innovative California Pottery designs were style defining at this time and widely imitated. If a Schoop figure proved popular with consumers, an entire line of accompanying décor objects were created. At the height of her success, “Hedi Schoop Art Creations” produced over 30,000 giftware items per year, and employed over fifty workers. She designed and modelled almost every piece in her line. Her figurines are the most sought after as a collectible. Source: Cermaics and Pottery Arts & Resources.