• Hand Carved African Wood and Beaded Sculpture (SOLD)

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    (SOLD) A vintage beaded African wood carving of 3 figures. Vibrant primary colors to bead work. Portions of wood are painted. Attributed to Yoruba, Nigeria, Africa. Mid to late 20th century. Measures H 16.5 in. x W 20 in. x D 3.75 in.

    Yoruba Art:

    The Yoruba of West Africa (Benin, Nigeria and Togo, with migrant communities in parts of Ghana and Sierra Leone) are responsible for one of the finest artistic traditions in Africa, a tradition that remains vital and influential today. Much of the art of the Yoruba, including staffs, court dress, and beadwork for crowns, is associated with the royal courts. The courts also commissioned numerous architectural objects such as veranda posts, gates, and doors that are embellished with carvings. Other Yoruba art is related shrines and masking traditions. The Yoruba worship a large pantheon of deities, and shrines dedicated to these gods are adorned with carvings and house an array of altar figures and other ritual paraphernalia. Masking traditions vary regionally, and a wide range of mask types are employed in various festivals and celebrations. Source: Wikipedia